Cyber security strategies are no longer a nicety. They are a fundamental requirement if the business intends to leverage the emerging technologies and the consumerization of services that were once locked up in data centres that can now be easily accessed via mobile devices.

Cyber security programs are implemented to respond to the cyber threats on the mission critical systems and data. Well-crafted strategies look at all facets of business, people, processes and technology in preparation for a cyber incident.

In responding, time is critical; hesitation is damaging.
Response can be broadly divided into two; proactive and reactive. Most people view incident response as purely reactive, but it should be treated in a proactive manner as well.

Proactive cyber response

Cyber Security Program

Cyber-attacks continue to grow in sophistication, with attackers using an ever-expanding variety of tactics. This includes social engineering, malware and ransomware. A solid cyber security strategy is the best defence against attack, but many organisations do not know where to begin. Godonga will partner with your organisation to put together a well-defined Cyber Security program.

Proactive cyber response

Enterprise Security Architecture

Haphazard and reactive implementation of the organization’s cyber security strategy always puts it on the back foot when mitigating cyber risks. Godonga will draw an architectural framework based on your business goals. Complexity of information security will be simplified and alignment to business objectives will be sought through measurable and traceable security controls. This will ensure return on investment within an optimal time.

Proactive cyber response

Cyber Incident Response Planning

The global cyber threat continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with a rising number of data breaches each year.
Medical services, retailers and public entities have experienced the most breaches. Some of these sectors are more appealing to cyber criminals because they hold financial and medical data. However, all businesses that use networks are at risk as they can be targeted for customer data, corporate espionage or customer attacks.

Awareness is growing that all companies, from enterprises to small- to mid-size organizations, need a cyber security incident response plan. No organization, regardless of size, is exempt from cyber security threats. An established plan of action that immediately executable following a security breach is crucial to limit incident costs and damages to the company’s reputation.

What are the most important considerations when developing a cyber security incident response plan?


Mitigating a Cyber Attack

Services that fall under our three R’s response

Mitigating a Cyber Attack


The following services fall under our three R’s response

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