The crown jewels of your organisation must be protected at all the time from cyber-attacks. Godonga Technologies has the tools to protect your data, network systems, applications no matter where they are deployed, on premise or in the cloud.

Identity and Access Governance

Identity Governance & Intelligence

Within your organization, you need to be able to understand who has access to what and how that access is being used. Is your identity governance working intelligently?

We are focused on collecting and analysing identity data to support enterprise IT and regulatory compliance. With Identity Governance and Intelligence, you’ll improve your visibility into how access is being utilized, prioritize compliance actions with risk-based insights, and make better decisions with clear actionable intelligence.

All of this is driven by a business-activity based approach to risk modelling, thus making life easier for auditors and risk compliance managers.

Key benefits to be realised

Privileged Access Management

  • How well protected are the passwords?
  • Do they change often?
  • Who is using them and are they easy to crack?

Your organisation may be risking a serious data security breach if privileged access into your critical systems is not managed.

The term “Privileged Identities/Accounts” refers to any type of user or account that holds special permissions within IT environment like built-in system accounts, admin ids in every operating system, network device, firewalls, database, or applications.

Privileged accounts and passwords are extremely powerful, allowing a privileged user to logon anonymously and have complete control of the target system with full access to all the information on that system. If these privileged accounts are not well monitored and managed, it’s a vulnerability that would potentially cause tremendous financial losses and reputational damage for businesses when exploited.

Access Management

Who has access to your critical business applications? If you leave this to chance, customer information, intellectual property is at risk. Proper user access management is a requirement.

Godonga Technologies ensures that Access Management is well implemented with more modern ways like risk-based access, single sign-on, integrated access management control, identity federation and mobile multi-factor authentication, to enable your staff and your customers to access your services and products from anywhere anytime with devices of their choice.

Remove barriers to mobile productivity

Ensure risk-aware authentication

Ensure Strong Authentication

Manage access to all your platforms

Data Protection

Data is indeed the new currency. It attracts regulatory fines if not well protected and is breached. Attacks like ransomware have serious reputational damage for business. These acts can be committed by staff from within the enterprise or by external parties.

Let’s help you know what data you store, vulnerabilities your data is exposed to and ensure those crown jewels are protected. You will also be able to demonstrate through reports your compliance levels to regulatory requirements like GDPR, POPI, PCI DSS and HIPAA, amongst others.

All the data protection issues are resolved by the best product in its category of database activity monitoring across databases, file shares and intranet for structured and unstructured data.

Data Protection

If your organisation is after

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IBM Partnership

As an IBM Business Partner, we help you achieve a world class cyber resilience status underpinned by well-integrated security products from IBM and availability of global skills to support your organization