How is your CIO preparing for the Cyber Attacks against your Organization?

Rather than sending generic malware, hackers today carefully plot each and every attack, using unique, “zero-day” exploits that render signature-based protections nearly useless


Acknowledging that it’s a question of when and not if your organization will have a cyber-attack is the first step towards a well-crafted cyber defense strategy.


The crown jewels of your organisation must be protected at all the time from cyber-attacks. We have tools to protect your data, network systems & applications


Organizations need to recognize that at some point their systems will be compromised & without the next line of defense, breach detection, long-tail intrusions may go unnoticed.


Godonga Technologies cyber security programs for organisations are implemented to respond to the cyber threats on the mission critical systems and data.

Cyber attacks

The new mindset for CIOs should be “I will be hacked”

Data Breaches , Ransomware and Phishing attacks are some of the cyber-attacks wreaking havoc in organizations. Understanding this will shape the tone of how one should put together a cyber security program which is intelligence led.

Heading here

Information is at the center of every business and it’s a commodity that hackers are going after; mostly for financial gain. This information must be protected against breaches which costs companies millions in regulatory fines and recovering from such cyber incidents. Godonga Technologies will partner with you to address some of the vulnerabilities.





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